Slippery Soapy Slope

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous the names of some products are? I was in the soap aisle the other day and was amazed at the odd names of some of the soaps. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but I’m beginning to think you can call your product anything you wantContinue reading “Slippery Soapy Slope”

The World’s Best Hand Dryers

I’ve never been much of a fan of hand dryers in public restrooms, and I still almost always choose paper towels if given the option, but these two hand dryers are about as good as it gets if paper towels are not an option. The Xlerator was the first hand dryer that I ever usedContinue reading “The World’s Best Hand Dryers”

Proper Use Of A Mini-Plunger

I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of a miniature plunger is, but this seems like as good a guess as any. I’m just hoping that this particular mini-plunger was brand new and not one that had been returned after someone had tried to use it, but realized that it wasn’t big enough to doContinue reading “Proper Use Of A Mini-Plunger”

Steve’s BBQ & Mexican

When I saw this sign, I assumed it meant one of two things. #1 – It’s a new resraurant owned by some guy named Steve that, for some reason, serves both BBQ and Mexican food. #2 – Some guy named Steve is having a BBQ, invited a person of Mexican descent, and wants everyone inContinue reading “Steve’s BBQ & Mexican”

Dangerous Toys (Part 2)

Ready for more dangerous toys?  Most of these seem like innocent fun, but as we saw before, they are sneaky dangerous.  Here are a few more… KITES The picture above shows just one of the dangers of this seemingly innocent toy.  Obviously, you want to keep kites away from power lines and refrain from flyingContinue reading “Dangerous Toys (Part 2)”

Dangerous Toys (Part 1)

Have you ever noticed how dangerous some of the toys we grew up playing with really are?  Sure, there are some that are gentle, plush, and cuddly, but for every one of those there seems to also be one that is sneaky dangerous.  By “sneaky dangerous” I mean that at first glance the toy seemsContinue reading “Dangerous Toys (Part 1)”