See ya…later…bye!

I’m terrible at ending phone conversations…is saying “bye” really necessary if I’ve already said “later” or “see ya”? Seems a little redundant to say “See ya…bye” doesn’t it? What’s really bad is that I’ll even go as far as saying “See ya later…bye.” I guess I just really want there to be no doubt asContinue reading “See ya…later…bye!”

Aggressive Auto-Flush Toilets

Does anyone else find it a bit unsettling when the automatic flush toilets flush as soon as you are done, even though you haven’t moved? Is it possible that toilets are becoming too smart? I guess we have to give credit to the toilet designers, though – the fact that people are questioning how advanced isContinue reading “Aggressive Auto-Flush Toilets”

Like Sleeping On A Cloud

Why do people compare a comfortable mattress to sleeping on a cloud? Maybe I’m strange, but I just don’t see the appeal in laying on something you will fall right through, eventually slamming into the earth at maximum velocity, shattering your bones and smashing your organs upon impact. No thank you – I’ll just stickContinue reading “Like Sleeping On A Cloud”