Steve’s BBQ & Mexican

When I saw this sign, I assumed it meant one of two things. #1 – It’s a new resraurant owned by some guy named Steve that, for some reason, serves both BBQ and Mexican food. #2 – Some guy named Steve is having a BBQ, invited a person of Mexican descent, and wants everyone inContinue reading “Steve’s BBQ & Mexican”

The Mystery Of The Bellybutton

I’m sure you’ve heard it asked a thousand times before – especially if you’ve ever been in or around a youth group at church.  It’s one of the great mysteries in life…one of those questions that we may never have a definite answer to until we meet our Creator.  But if you know the answer,Continue reading “The Mystery Of The Bellybutton”

It’s An Acquired Taste

“Oh, you don’t like it?  That’s okay – it’s an acquired taste.” Statements like this one have always made me wonder – if something is an “acquired taste,” why would I want to acquire a taste for something I don’t like? I’ve never heard anyone say that something is an acquired taste after hearing thatContinue reading “It’s An Acquired Taste”

Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?

It seems like there are cyclists everywhere you go around here.  So many, in fact, that there are bike lanes on nearly every road.  The only problem with that is the fact that a lot of the cyclists don’t care to use their lanes.  So if the cyclists are going to use the car lanesContinue reading “Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?”