A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 1

If you have ever wondered what I wrote about as a child, you are in luck. I recently went through a tub of my old papers that my mom saved and found some fairly entertaining compositions. If you have never wondered what I wrote about as a child, you are in the majority, but I’mContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 1”

Steve’s BBQ & Mexican

When I saw this sign, I assumed it meant one of two things. #1 – It’s a new resraurant owned by some guy named Steve that, for some reason, serves both BBQ and Mexican food. #2 – Some guy named Steve is having a BBQ, invited a person of Mexican descent, and wants everyone inContinue reading “Steve’s BBQ & Mexican”

Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More

I think stand-up comedians have it made.  Think about it.  The majority of people in the audience are there because they have heard their material before and obviously liked it (why would you go see a comedian who you didn’t think was funny?).  Not only have they heard and liked what the comedian said onContinue reading “Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More”