The Next Bubba Watson?

A few photos from Jadon’s first week as a golfer… Jadon and I went and picked out his first real golf clubs and glove. We also picked up some plastic golf balls and a fake hole for him to practice inside with. Jadon lining up his shot…maybe standing directly in front of a five yearContinue reading “The Next Bubba Watson?”

Jadon’s Current Favorite Songs

Depending on the song, it can be either a good thing or a terribly annoying thing when your 5 year old finds a song that he loves and wants to listen to over and over again. For your listening pleasure…here are two of Jadon’s favorite songs right now. These are the songs that he lovesContinue reading “Jadon’s Current Favorite Songs”

Happy 5th Birthday Jadon!

Holy moley – can you believe it? Jadon Payne is 5 years old today! Happy birthday Jadon!  I think someone must have increased the rate at which time passes because these last five years have flown by. Jadon has definitely changed our lives for the better and brought more laughter and entertainment than I everContinue reading “Happy 5th Birthday Jadon!”

Proper Use Of A Mini-Plunger

I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of a miniature plunger is, but this seems like as good a guess as any. I’m just hoping that this particular mini-plunger was brand new and not one that had been returned after someone had tried to use it, but realized that it wasn’t big enough to doContinue reading “Proper Use Of A Mini-Plunger”


I would just like to take this opportunity to say congraduations (Congratulations on Graduation) to my boy Jadon Payne on officially graduating from K-4 (why don’t they just call it preschool?). In addition to graduating, he also received two certificates and two trophies. Certificate #1 – Quietest Student (he apparently just saves all his noiseContinue reading “Congraduations!”