Strange Toys

Just a few pictures of some strange toys I’ve seen lately… Does anything about this toy seem strange?  Perhaps the fact that Goliath is one of the characters in a series labeled “Almighty Heroes”?  I guess the way that I’ve always heard and read the story was wrong.  Apparently Goliath was the hero of theContinue reading “Strange Toys”

Drying Your Hands Should Not Be This Difficult

For some reason, a roll of paper towels on a horizontal rack is one of the most frustrating things that I repeatedly encounter in the bathroom.  Is there anything more frustrating that standing there with soaking wet hands, pawing and clawing at a cheap roll of thin paper towels?  It’s hard enough to find theContinue reading “Drying Your Hands Should Not Be This Difficult”

A Battery Ribbon Epiphinization

I think I had an epiphany yesterday.  If an epiphany is the sudden realization that up until this point, I have been completely clueless as to how something works, then yeah, I totally epiphanized. You know those little ribbons that they sometimes put in the battery compartments of electronics and such?  They are apparently soContinue reading “A Battery Ribbon Epiphinization”

Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?

It seems like there are cyclists everywhere you go around here.  So many, in fact, that there are bike lanes on nearly every road.  The only problem with that is the fact that a lot of the cyclists don’t care to use their lanes.  So if the cyclists are going to use the car lanesContinue reading “Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?”