The World’s Best Hand Dryers

I’ve never been much of a fan of hand dryers in public restrooms, and I still almost always choose paper towels if given the option, but these two hand dryers are about as good as it gets if paper towels are not an option.

The Xlerator was the first hand dryer that I ever used that actually gets hands completely dry the first time. I’m pretty sure it could also be used to exfoliate your skin since it nearly blows the skin right off your hands. If you have ever wanted to see the skin on your hands ripple like the waves in the ocean, this is the hand dryer for you.

This Dyson Airblade hand dryer is fairly new and cutting-edge as far as hand dryers go. Instead of placing your hands under the dryer, your hands are lowered into the dryer and slowly raised out. Fortunately for me, it has a picture on the dryer to explain how it works and is not nearly as dangerous as the name makes it sound. This is probably the coolest hand dryer I have used .

Do you prefer paper towels or hand dryers? Do you have a favorite hand dryer or know of any others that the world needs to know about?

One thought on “The World’s Best Hand Dryers

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have never thought that using hand dryers are more convenient than utilizing paper towels. I’ve been using paper towels at work and have noticed that people are preferring to use it too. Well, thanks again for sharing this very informational post to us. 🙂



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