Steve’s BBQ & Mexican


When I saw this sign, I assumed it meant one of two things.

#1 – It’s a new resraurant owned by some guy named Steve that, for some reason, serves both BBQ and Mexican food.

#2 – Some guy named Steve is having a BBQ, invited a person of Mexican descent, and wants everyone in town to know it.

At first glance, option #1 seems like the obvious choice. However, when I reveal that this sign is in the ultra-diverse community of Lebanon, MO (with its 94.6% White/1.2% Hispanic population), #2 doesn’t seem nearly as ludicrous.

So which is it…#1 or #2? As far as I can tell, it’s option #1. Apparently, something called “Steve” decided to open a small eatery in Lebanon that serves both BBQ and Mexican food. It definitely seems like a peculiar pairing, but more power to him for thinking outside the saucy sombrero…err, box.


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