Dangerous Toys (Part 2)

Ready for more dangerous toys?  Most of these seem like innocent fun, but as we saw before, they are sneaky dangerous.  Here are a few more… KITES The picture above shows just one of the dangers of this seemingly innocent toy.  Obviously, you want to keep kites away from power lines and refrain from flyingContinue reading “Dangerous Toys (Part 2)”

Dangerous Toys (Part 1)

Have you ever noticed how dangerous some of the toys we grew up playing with really are?  Sure, there are some that are gentle, plush, and cuddly, but for every one of those there seems to also be one that is sneaky dangerous.  By “sneaky dangerous” I mean that at first glance the toy seemsContinue reading “Dangerous Toys (Part 1)”

Strange Toys

Just a few pictures of some strange toys I’ve seen lately… Does anything about this toy seem strange?  Perhaps the fact that Goliath is one of the characters in a series labeled “Almighty Heroes”?  I guess the way that I’ve always heard and read the story was wrong.  Apparently Goliath was the hero of theContinue reading “Strange Toys”

Bad + Bad + Bad = Good?

Lately it seems like I am constantly hearing of someone going through a difficult time.  For whatever reason, painful times come in bunches.  Whether it be physical, emotional, or financial pain or stressful situations, it seems like it’s never just one thing.  Most of the time when I hear of many people going through toughContinue reading “Bad + Bad + Bad = Good?”

The Mystery Of The Bellybutton

I’m sure you’ve heard it asked a thousand times before – especially if you’ve ever been in or around a youth group at church.  It’s one of the great mysteries in life…one of those questions that we may never have a definite answer to until we meet our Creator.  But if you know the answer,Continue reading “The Mystery Of The Bellybutton”