One Crazy Weekend

Well, that was interesting. Here’s a recap of our moving experience for anyone who cares… It took a little longer than we thought, but we finally got all our stuff from Loveland, CO to Lebanon, MO. All except for my family that is. Daphne and Jadon will be staying out there for another week, soContinue reading “One Crazy Weekend”

Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?

It seems like there are cyclists everywhere you go around here.  So many, in fact, that there are bike lanes on nearly every road.  The only problem with that is the fact that a lot of the cyclists don’t care to use their lanes.  So if the cyclists are going to use the car lanesContinue reading “Bike Lane? What Bike Lane?”

Are These Signs Really Necessary?

I always thought this was pretty common knowledge, but apparently it’s a big enough problem at this intersection that they felt the need to put these two signs right across the road from each other.  I know they don’t get a lot of rain in the area, but what are the other options?  Maybe theyContinue reading “Are These Signs Really Necessary?”

Flea Market Fun (Part 1)

We checked out a few of the local flea markets yesterday.  One of them was the über classy Itchy’s Flea Market in Fort Collins.  I’m not sure what we expected to find at Itchy’s, but here are a few of the unexpected finds. (Click On Photo For Full Size) Photo #1 An outside view ofContinue reading “Flea Market Fun (Part 1)”