The Mystery Of The Bellybutton

I’m sure you’ve heard it asked a thousand times before – especially if you’ve ever been in or around a youth group at church.  It’s one of the great mysteries in life…one of those questions that we may never have a definite answer to until we meet our Creator.  But if you know the answer, please let me know.  The question I’m referring to is this…


I just blew your mind, didn’t I?  It’s something that I’ve always wondered and now you can always wonder too.  I’ve never found a definite answer either way, but here is what I do know:

1.  Adam and Eve were created by God as fully formed humans.
2.  Bellybuttons come from the umbilical cord being cut.

Here is what I would like to know:

1.  Since they were created by God instead of being born, did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?
2.  If Adam and Eve did, in fact, have bellybuttons…
A.  What purpose did they serve?
B.  What caused them?  Did they bungee down from God by their umbilical cord, which was then cut by God?  Or was it where God poked them to see if they were done?
3.  If Adam and Eve had bellybuttons, does that mean that God has a bellybutton since man was made in His likeness?
4.  Did God just give us bellybuttons so that we would wonder what the point of them is and ask all kinds of weird questions about our bellybuttons?
5.  Do you feel like you just wasted a couple minutes of your life that you can never get back?

Are there any other questions that you’d like to ask God about bellybuttons?  Do you have any (or all) of the answers already?

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