Science vs. The Bible

Why are we so quick to choose sides when it comes to science and the Bible? It seems like we often assume that science is about trying to disprove the Bible or to prove that God doesn’t exist and that faith has no use for science, but in reality they are both about finding truth.

Science is about discovering physical truth; the Bible is about discovering spiritual truth.

Rather than pitting them against each other, we should view them as complementary:

Science proves you are here.
The Bible tells you why you are here.

How Deep Are Your Roots?

Drifting away from God is never something we intend to do; it just kind of happens. We get tired, busy, lazy, or distracted and our relationship with God suffers. Most of the time, it’s not even bad things that keep us from God – it’s too many things. We have a limited amount of time in each day, so every time we add something to our lives or to our schedules, something else gets pushed out. Often, the things that get pushed out are the things we most need to be in.

When we drift away from God, He is willing to let everything that gets in our way of a relationship with Him be stripped from us.

Isaiah 6:13 – “…as a terebinth or oak tree leaves a stump when it is cut down, so Israel’s stump will be a holy seed.”

Notice what it says – that Israel will be cut down and the stump will be a holy seed. We hear that and think it’s a bad thing, but really it’s what we all need sometimes – a fresh start. It may be difficult for us to view a tree being cut down to its stump as a good thing, but it’s what is under the stump that really matters – the roots. The roots are what sustains the tree; what determines how healthy it is and how high it will grow. A tree with deep, healthy roots will be stronger and better equipped to make it through violent storms than a tree with shallow roots.

Just as the roots are what sustains a tree, our relationship with God is what sustains us. The deeper we are rooted in our relationship with God, the better equipped we will be to endure the storms of life. If we want a faith that is deeply rooted in God we must be intentional about doing the things that will cause our roots to grow deeper.

Sometimes we need to get back to the basics.

When we feel overwhelmed, when life gets so busy and hectic that it feels impossible to focus, and when we can’t feel God’s presence like we once could, the best thing we can do is eliminate every unnecessary thing, get back to the basics of study, prayer, and worship and focus on rooting ourselves deeper into the One who can sustain us.

It Will Never Be Enough

You know that voice in your head?

The voice that says you are not good enough.
The voice that makes you feel guilty for not praying enough.
The voice that makes you feel bad for not reading the Bible enough.
The voice that tells you that no matter what you do, it will never be enough.
The Voice is right.

No matter what you do, it will never be enough.
No matter how much you read your Bible, it will never be enough.
No matter how much you pray, it will never be enough.
No matter how good you are, you will never be good enough.
The Voice is right.

You need to do more good works if you want to be sure that you’re saved.
You need to pray more if you want to be sure that you’re saved.
You need to read your Bible more if you want to be sure that you’re saved.
You need to try harder if you want to be sure that you’re saved.
The Voice is wrong.

The Voice is telling you the truth and telling you lies at the same time.
The Voice doesn’t care if you do more, pray more, read your Bible more, or try harder.
The Voice just wants to take your focus off what saves you.

Your good works don’t save you.
Your prayers don’t save you.
Your Bible studies don’t save you.
Your best efforts don’t save you.

God’s grace, through faith in Jesus, is the only thing that saves you.

When Jesus defeated sin and death, He defeated the Voice.
Don’t believe the lies the Voice tells you.

Keep trying, but remember that no amount of effort is enough to save you.
Keep reading, but remember that no amount of reading is enough to save you.
Keep praying, but remember that no amount of prayer is enough to save you.
Keep doing good, but remember that no amount of good works is enough to save you.

Whatever you do, never lose faith…

Faith Will Always Be Enough.

Strange Toys

Just a few pictures of some strange toys I’ve seen lately…

Does anything about this toy seem strange?  Perhaps the fact that Goliath is one of the characters in a series labeled “Almighty Heroes”?  I guess the way that I’ve always heard and read the story was wrong.  Apparently Goliath was the hero of the story.  Maybe the strangest part of this is that David is not included in this line of toys.  Among those who did make the cut along with Goliath…the lions that didn’t eat Daniel, Samson, and the “whale” that swallowed Jonah.  Yup, that makes perfect sense.

If you haven’t had any awkward conversations with your children lately, I would suggest picking up this fine piece from your local Target store.  As if the horse feeding isn’t strange enough, then they went and put the dog in there for some reason.  It’s like when you are stuck in a small area and realize that someone is breastfeeding just a few feet away.  Suddenly you look for anything else to focus on and when you finally find something, there is nothing that will break your focus.  Those interactive Dinosaur Train toys across the aisle just became the most amazing thing that dog has ever seen.

I present to you the Football Kicker Licker.  This toy from the Dollar Tree isn’t all that strange.  The name, however, could use some work.  I’m thinking they assigned the naming of this one to the new guy who was just happy to come up with a catchy, rhyming name.  Someone didn’t really think this one through.

These are some of the weird toys that I have come across lately.  I’m sure that with Christmas right around the corner, there will be plenty more to choose from.

What am I missing?  What toys have you seen that are strangely named or just plain weird?

Quite The Combination

Photo of a stack of books that includes a book about knitting, a Bible, some other Bible study materials, and a book titled "Adult Video Business"

I came across this stack of books one day at a house here in town.  I thought it was quite the interesting combination of books.  The best word I can think of to describe it would have to be eclectic.  I realize that the picture isn’t the best due to a glare and the fact that it was taken quickly, so here is a list of the books from bottom to top:

1.  Don’t Know Much About Geography?
2.  Know The Bible In 30 Days
3.  The Amplified Bible (Large Print)
4.  Adult Video Business
5.  Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia Of Knitting