I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work

This is in our bathroom at work, right in front of the toilet.  Nothing like trying to do your business with Jesus staring at you from next to the cross.  While I can see how it could cause some “stage fright,” I like to look at it as a reminder that no matter how crappyContinue reading “I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work”

First…Third…What About Second?

I often hear people talk about Third World countries. I occasionally hear people talk about First World countries. I don’t recall ever hearing anything about Second World countries. Are there Second World countries?  Or are Third World countries just so bad that they aren’t considered just one step down from First World countries, so theyContinue reading “First…Third…What About Second?”

Have I Really Reached You?

Why do people say on their voicemail/answering machine message “You have reached ______”?  That doesn’t seem like an accurate statement.  If I had reached you I wouldn’t have to leave a message.  In fact, I am leaving you a message because I couldn’t reach you.  You know what?  Forget it.  I’m not leaving a message.Continue reading “Have I Really Reached You?”

Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

If you ever see me looking down at my watch for an inordinate amount of time it’s probably not because I have somewhere important to be or because I have forgotten how to read time.  If you see me having a staring contest with my watch it’s probably because I am waiting to see aContinue reading “Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?”

Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More

I think stand-up comedians have it made.  Think about it.  The majority of people in the audience are there because they have heard their material before and obviously liked it (why would you go see a comedian who you didn’t think was funny?).  Not only have they heard and liked what the comedian said onContinue reading “Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More”

That’s Exactly How I Would Have Described It

Best meteor description ever?  You decide: “My friend and I witnessed a tremendous bright light, in the western sky. For a second the object lit the Cedar Valley sky like it was day. Then a brilliant streak of light followed. It was like a slow moving lighting, similar to an enormous magnesium flare. This lastedContinue reading “That’s Exactly How I Would Have Described It”