Well This Is Awkward…

What do you do when you are in a new place and need to use the restroom, but when you get to the door you can’t figure out if it’s a multiple or single person facility?

Knocking is a good option if it turns out to be a single, but if it’s a multiple person restroom you look like a moron – especially to the people already inside.

You’d think that just trying to open the door would be an okay idea since most people tend to lock the door to a solo when they are using it.  Apparently not everyone grasps this concept though.  I have, on multiple occasions, walked in on someone who was in the middle of doing their business because they didn’t bother to lock the door.

Then comes the awkward semi-apology while staring at the floor and shutting the door as fast as humanly possible.  Maybe instead of closing the door we should leave it propped open as a sort of penalty.  Or would proper bathroom etiquette be to, if possible, lock the door for them before closing it?

Just one time I would like to walk in, give him a high five, and pull up a stool or trash can to sit on and attempt to strike up a conversation.

Whose fault is it when that happens anyway?  People always seem ticked off or annoyed when you walk in on them, but shouldn’t they be the one to apologize for not locking the door?  I think next time I will stand there and wait for an apology.

After one of these situations you can’t possibly stick around and wait for them to get done so you can use the restroom.  Talk about extremely awkward!  Especially if you made eye contact when you walked in and then you make eye contact when they walk out.  No thanks – I can hold it.

3 thoughts on “Well This Is Awkward…

  1. Tim, you crack me up! I had an experience like that the other day, when we stopped at a convenience store for a pit stop. I didn’t know if it was a single or a multiple restroom. I stood there at the door, trying to decide whether to just wait or go on in. I finally took the plunge and was glad I did, because it was not a single. To avoid anymore awkward moments, always knock:)


    1. A lot of times I will just stand there and wait to see if anyone comes out. That’s when you know for sure that it’s okay to just walk in because either it’s a multiple person bathroom or the one person has just come out of the solo. Either way you should be fine.


  2. this one cracked me up it was hilarious and i hav so many award moments like that and i dont know wat 2 do…….



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