I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work

This is in our bathroom at work, right in front of the toilet.  Nothing like trying to do your business with Jesus staring at you from next to the cross.  While I can see how it could cause some “stage fright,” I like to look at it as a reminder that no matter how crappy we are, Jesus is able and willing to wipe off all our crap and flush it away to a place where we will never have to deal with it again.

(If you don’t see it, look again.  It’s only the left side of His face.  From top to bottom, the white spots are: forehead, cheek/nose, lip, and shirt.  The empty spaces are his eye and mustache/beard.  If you still don’t see it then I don’t know what to tell you.)

4 thoughts on “I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work

  1. Ha Haaa yea i see it! i allways feel a little bad when im praying and i fart or say a swear and i say sorry lol. I know he understands but i feel like i should at least be humble about it… praying on the toilet is similar to this for me… but i have lifted a care while dropping a duece before! 😉 TMI huh?


    1. Haha, nothing wrong with praying on the pooper – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 right? I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one who has farted while praying…I’m guessing that’s not the “fragrant offering” Paul was talking about though.


  2. Really, that is quite the cool thing! Did you draw the cross and Jesus? Tim, you are hilarious! The “fragrant offering” comment was so funny and “praying on the pooper.” That should be on a t-shirt or something!


    1. Haha – no, I didn’t draw the cross and Jesus on the bathroom floor. Actually, I don’t know that I’m artistic enough to be able to draw either one. It’s just some kind of paint spot on the floor and the cross where the concrete slabs meet. Thought it was a pretty cool coincidence that the paint spot Jesus was right next to a cross though.



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