That’s Exactly How I Would Have Described It

Best meteor description ever?  You decide:

“My friend and I witnessed a tremendous bright light, in the western sky. For a second the object lit the Cedar Valley sky like it was day. Then a brilliant streak of light followed. It was like a slow moving lighting, similar to an enormous magnesium flare. This lasted for several seconds. My friend Bryan and I were talking about it for about six minutes, when we heard a deep explosion that could be heard inside the car. We opened the door and could still hear the low frequency thud pulsating. We could feel the vibrations of the ground. Which was the cause of great concern for the safety of people. It looked like it struck the desert out by Dugway, but I am sure it was much further away because speed travels at 761 miles per hour at sea level. We didn’t have an exact time. But somewhere between 76 miles and 150 miles away. Probably hit Nevada. I hope no one was hurt that would be terrible.”

Stan, Cedar Valley



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