Pump It Up

When I’m not stopping my total gas purchase on a number pattern, I like to try to let off the pump at a predetermined total.  I know that I can’t possibly be the only who does…in fact, if I had to guess I would say that about 92.6% of all gas pumpers have tried this at least once in their gas-pumping history.

A couple of warnings for anybody who has never done this and is considering giving it a try:

#1 – If you end up letting the pump go too long and overshoot it, you will end up paying more than you had intended.  This is not a game for anyone on a strict budget.

#2 – The higher the price of gas, the faster the numbers go.  Adjust accordingly and realize that when you overshoot it’s going to cost you.

My record for most consecutive perfect stops is 6.  Not a real high number, but it gives me a realistic goal to shoot for in the future.


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