Delayed Smells

Have you ever noticed that when you drive by a dead skunk it never seems to smell when you are right next to it? Or maybe a more pleasant smell would be burning leaves. It seems you can never smell them as you are passing through the cloud of smoke. Only after you drive downContinue reading “Delayed Smells”

Ice Cube Trays Are Relaxing

Next time you are stressed out try this. Wait until no one else is around (gone, asleep, etc.) and get all the ice cube trays out of the freezer. If they aren’t empty already, empty them out and stack them beside the sink. Turn the water on, but way down. It should be only theContinue reading “Ice Cube Trays Are Relaxing”

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (And Blew Them All Away)

Have you ever noticed that when it’s really windy out (I’m talking huge gusts of wind that make you want to jump up in the air and see how far the wind will blow you) it can sometimes be hard to hear someone when they are talking to you? We were having one of thoseContinue reading “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (And Blew Them All Away)”

My Top 3-ish Convenience Stores

1. QT They have Dad’s Root Beer, which seems to be near impossible to find (not to mention the fact that it is in the fountain – don’t know if I’ve ever seen that) Their fountain Dr. Pepper is better than just about any other convenience store They give you the option of crushed orContinue reading “My Top 3-ish Convenience Stores”