Quite The Combination

I came across this stack of books one day at a house here in town.  I thought it was quite the interesting combination of books.  The best word I can think of to describe it would have to be eclectic.  I realize that the picture isn’t the best due to a glare and the factContinue reading “Quite The Combination”

A Little Luv Goes A Long Way

I saw this truck one day in Baxter Springs, KS (the boyhood home of Hale Irwin, for all you golf fans out there) and had to take a picture of it.  Apparently, it’s a Chevy Luv…or at least that’s what I gathered from the markings.  Has to be one of the strangest little trucks I’veContinue reading “A Little Luv Goes A Long Way”

World’s Largest or World’s Only?

If you ever want to spend some time looking at small electric appliances, this is probably the place you want to go.  It’s just off I-44, on the way to Diamond, MO and conveniently connected to a boot store.  What better way to spend your day than buying a pair of cowboy boots and thenContinue reading “World’s Largest or World’s Only?”

I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work

This is in our bathroom at work, right in front of the toilet.  Nothing like trying to do your business with Jesus staring at you from next to the cross.  While I can see how it could cause some “stage fright,” I like to look at it as a reminder that no matter how crappyContinue reading “I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work”

Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More

I think stand-up comedians have it made.  Think about it.  The majority of people in the audience are there because they have heard their material before and obviously liked it (why would you go see a comedian who you didn’t think was funny?).  Not only have they heard and liked what the comedian said onContinue reading “Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh Some More”