A Little Luv Goes A Long Way

I saw this truck one day in Baxter Springs, KS (the boyhood home of Hale Irwin, for all you golf fans out there) and had to take a picture of it.  Apparently, it’s a Chevy Luv…or at least that’s what I gathered from the markings.  Has to be one of the strangest little trucks I’ve seen.  You can’t see it real well in the photo, but the words above the back tire say “A Little Luv Goes A Loooong Ways.”  I think you could probably just go ahead and load the camper in the bed of the truck and haul it around instead of towing it behind the truck.  It would also be a pretty sweet truck to have if you were moving across town.  You would make 37%* less trips hauling stuff across town with this truck as opposed to a standard sized pickup bed.

*This number is completely fabricated.  To my knowledge no one has ever figured up how many trips it would take to move across town using a pickup with a standard sized bed and this truck.

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