One Dangerous Toy

Is it just me or does the Etch-A-Sketch seem like a pretty dangerous toy?

I wonder how many people (kids especially) go to the emergency room each year with Etch-A-Sketch related injuries.  Sure, it seems like an innocent enough toy, but I’m sure there have been more people than you think wind up with busted lips, broken teeth, bloody noses, and black eyes from hitting themselves in the face with the Etch-A-Sketch while clearing the screen.  I know I have had more than a few close calls over the years.  Maybe I should just stick with a safer toy like the Magna Doodle.

One thought on “One Dangerous Toy

  1. Hilarious, Tim! I thought at first, “How could an Etch a Sketch be dangerous?” Ya just gotta have a little more control when cleaning the screen:) You are funny!



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