Silence Is Golden

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get “silent protests.”  Isn’t the whole idea of a protest to let people know why you don’t agree with something?  Don’t people who are protesting something want to let people know their beliefs and why they think what they are protesting is wrong?

Why would you cover up your mouth if you have something to say?  It seems like taping your mouth shut would severely limit your ability to answer questions that people ask of you.  Not to mention the fact that you taping your mouth shut is exactly what the people on the other side of the issue want.  Then they don’t have to hear your nonsensical yammering.

I wonder if there are other forms of protests that involve taping stuff shut.  For example, if I don’t like what someone is saying or the music someone is making/playing, should I protest by putting tape over my ears?  Or if I don’t like the fact that a video store is renting pornographic movies, should I stand outside the store with tape over my eyes?  What about protesting factories that produce foul odors – should I stand outside said factory with tape over my nostrils?

I don’t mean to discourage silent protesters – by all means, keep taping your mouths shut.  I’d really rather not hear you anyway.  Besides, you taping your mouth shut saves me from having to tape my ears shut.  And not having to tape my ears shut means not having to rip out all my ear hair when I take the tape off.  Just be careful if you ever decide to do a silent protest outside a stinky factory.

One thought on “Silence Is Golden

  1. Good thinking on that one! I wish there was someplace you could send these thoughts. You ought to write a newspaper column, Tim!



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