Let The Fun Begin!

It’s been quite the exciting past few days for Jadon! On Wednesday, he got to go to Carousel Park and have a blast with his friends from church. Carterville Christian Church rented the place out and had a great turnout – all for free to those who came! What a fantastic idea and a greatContinue reading “Let The Fun Begin!”

Aggressive Auto-Flush Toilets

Does anyone else find it a bit unsettling when the automatic flush toilets flush as soon as you are done, even though you haven’t moved? Is it possible that toilets are becoming too smart? I guess we have to give credit to the toilet designers, though – the fact that people are questioning how advanced isContinue reading “Aggressive Auto-Flush Toilets”

Like Sleeping On A Cloud

Why do people compare a comfortable mattress to sleeping on a cloud? Maybe I’m strange, but I just don’t see the appeal in laying on something you will fall right through, eventually slamming into the earth at maximum velocity, shattering your bones and smashing your organs upon impact. No thank you – I’ll just stickContinue reading “Like Sleeping On A Cloud”

Any Pizza? Any Toppings?

Pizza Hut advertises “Any Pizza, Any Toppings” for $10, but the small print at the bottom of the screen during the commercial says there is an additional charge for stuffed crust and extra cheese. Is “Any Pizza, Any Toppings” really an accurate description? Wouldn’t that be like advertising “Any Drink, Any Size” for a certainContinue reading “Any Pizza? Any Toppings?”

A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 5

The final installment of nostalgia – some journal entries from late 1991 to early 1992… 9-4-91 Last night I played football with my friends. I intercepted 3 passes and ran 2 back for touchdowns. We won both games. The first score was 14-0 and the second one was 7-0. 9-6-91 Yesterday when I was quarterbackContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 5”

A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 4

My entire bibliography of childhood novels… #1: The Wreckless And Careless Driver  Once upon a time there were 4 friends. Their names were Tim, Ben, Anthony, and Jody. Well one Halloween they decided that they were going to go into an old house people called “the haunted house.”   But when they got to the 13thContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 4”

A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 3

A few more selections for your amusement… #1: Compacted Poetry Good shows and sports games, Two of my favorite things. Junk food in front of my favorite place, The square rainbow is the T.V. set. #2: The Cats That I’ve Had I have had two or three cats at my dad’s house. I’ve named themContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 3”

A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 2

Here is the second installment of classic writing from my childhood… #1: Tim’s English (A Poem) Under a small, cold winter moon, fields and hills gleam bald and white as eggs. #2: What School Means To Me School means a lot to me. It means work but so what. I don’t care if I haveContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 2”

A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 1

If you have ever wondered what I wrote about as a child, you are in luck. I recently went through a tub of my old papers that my mom saved and found some fairly entertaining compositions. If you have never wondered what I wrote about as a child, you are in the majority, but I’mContinue reading “A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 1”