A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 5

The final installment of nostalgia – some journal entries from late 1991 to early 1992…

Last night I played football with my friends. I intercepted 3 passes and ran 2 back for touchdowns. We won both games. The first score was 14-0 and the second one was 7-0.

Yesterday when I was quarterback I threw 5 touchdown passes. I intercepted a lot of passes last night. I hope we play something neat in P.E. today.

Last weekend I played a lot. I played football and Nintendo the most. I won a lot of games of Nintendo.

Yesterday after school I read. Then I watched football and played football. I also beat my little brother in paper football 103-21!

Last night I played interception. I ran right into a wooden bench! I also played home run derby and won 3-0 and lost 2-0.

The day before last I stayed out at my grandma and grandpas house all day with my sister. My grandpa and sister and I made some apple cider. Then we drank some of it.

Yesterday I played football. It was fun but we got tackled hard. I am mad because I lost my turbo football.

Yesterday I played one on one football with a seventh or eigth grader. One time when I tried to dive he had my feet then flipped me. I flipped about three feet high then landed on my head and my right shoulder.

Yesterday after school I played football with some of my friends. First we played interception. Then I played football then went inside to read.

Yesterday after school I had to go up to my room. I threw a ball around until supper. Then after supper we went to church, and one boy even ran out of the church!

Today on the bus and in the bus room I played paper football with one of my friends. I beat him 189-87. On the bus home we are going to play again.

Yesterday after school I played baseball. It was me and one of my friends against three of my other friends and an older kid. Guess who won. Me and one of my friends!

Yesterday after school I played football with some of my friends. On one play our quarterback threw an interception and I went and stripped the ball from him and ran for a touchdown! But first I broke two tackles.

I want to play volleyball in P.E. today. In basketball at recess yesterday combined I scored 11 points. I’m going to try for more than that today.

One day this week I scored 12 points. I also scored a T.D. I’m getting baptized Sunday night.

Yesterday I almost conquered Mario 1. I came so close I couldn’t believe it. Next time I will conquer it.

Yesterday at recess I scored 8 points added up. I hope I score more today. I can’t wait until P.E. and recess.

Today I dressed as Urkel. I look real weird. Levi looks weird to.

Today is Thursday. Yesterday I didn’t come to school. I got the National award in the fitness test.

There you have it – deep thoughts from my 5th grade journal.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s peek into the past as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you!


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