A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 3

A few more selections for your amusement…

#1: Compacted Poetry
Good shows and sports games,
Two of my favorite things.
Junk food in front of my favorite place,
The square rainbow is the T.V. set.

#2: The Cats That I’ve Had
I have had two or three cats at my dad’s house. I’ve named them all Blacky since they’ve all been black. Sometimes they run away when I’m not there. One of them my dad gave away because it was getting lonely without me. I wish he wouldn’t have done that, and that cats wouldn’t run away.

#3: My Encounter With An Opossum
One day when I was at my dad’s house my grandma, grandpa came over. My dad was pitching me some balls and then here came an opossum! Then we all got in the back of my dad’s pickup. He told me to give him the bat so I did. The opossum was right beside the pickup! Then my dad started hitting the opossum. Then he gave the bat to my grandpa and he hit it to. But what was neat was that when it died its tail spun around in the air and then dropped.

#4: Some Changes I’ve Made
Some changes I have made this year are – I make better grades in Math. I make better grades in English. I do a lot better in Art. I am doing sit-ups a whole lot better in P.E. this year. I am doing a whole lot better in actually everything this year. The change I am most excited about is that I’m doing better in everything.

A couple short books and some journal entries still to come…


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