A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 4

My entire bibliography of childhood novels…

#1: The Wreckless And Careless Driver
 Once upon a time there were 4 friends. Their names were Tim, Ben, Anthony, and Jody. Well one Halloween they decided that they were going to go into an old house people called “the haunted house.”
  But when they got to the 13th stair it broke and they fell into the bed of a truck that had a mattress in it. They were lucky it had a mattress in it. They could have been hurt worse if it did not have a mattress in it.
When the driver stopped they all did somersaults backward and they all hit heads and said together, “Ouch!” And then coming straight at them was a train with a bunch of explosives and the train was out of control! Then they both turned the same way and hit so hard that the train went flying and hit an aluminum wall and exploded and the pieces went flying and started a fire so big that it went all the way across town and onto the highway.
The fire was easy to put out though so everyone just went on with what they were doing. So next the truck the kids were in started speeding but two things were going wrong. One a cop was after them. Two there was a fallen bridge just ahead. Then there was a sign but the driver looked back and missed it.
The sign said, “Fallen bridge ahead” but the driver didn’t see it and drove right off of the cliff and the truck fell right into the Mississippi River and floated all the way from Carthage Mo. to St. Louis Missouri and drove up and down the Gateway Arch twenty times. The driver got sick and threw up but the kids boy did they have fun going down the Arch like a slide but had a hard time getting up it.
As for the driver he was put in jail for one year for wreckless, and careless driving.

#2: Scotty Runs Away
Tim has a dog. His dog’s name is Scotty. He is a cute and lovable dog. Tim received Scotty 1 year ago during the summer. Scotty is Tim’s favorite dog. Scotty is a Miniature Schnauzzer. Tim loves playing frisbee and ball with Scotty. Tim also does not mind feeding Scotty.
One day while Tim was at school Scotty got out of the yard. When Tim got home he checked on Scotty but he was not there. He checked the gate and it was open. Had someone stolen Scotty? He thought someone might have because the gate was open. Could Scotty have opened the gate himself? “I hope Scotty is okay,” thought Tim.
Tim was on the phone with his mom when he looked out the window. His mom was at work every day when he got home from school so every day he called her when he got home. He was telling her about Scotty getting out when he looked across the street. “There he is!” yelled Tim. “Well, go get him then!” replied his mom.
As soon as Tim grabbed Scotty, he didn’t put Scotty down for over 30 minutes. Before Tim put Scotty down he found a stick that would keep the gate closed. Tim would be very sad if anything were to ever to happen to Scotty. Tim and Scotty lived happily ever after.

#3: Halloween Story
One Halloween there were two boys going trick-or-treating together. When they got to one eerie house the owner asked them to some in, and they said “Okay.” But when they got inside they got realy scared. They both turned pale. Then a trap door opened and they fell into a dangerous pit. When they hit the bottom they heard a bunch of moans, groans. There was a puddle of murky green water in the middle of the room. Then they saw a staircase and a tunnel. It was all very mysteryous. One of them took the staircase and then other took the tunnel. The staircase was creaky and the tunnel was very slimy. The staircase was creaking all the way.
Then at both ends they met in a search room. The sight that met their eyes was very frightening. There were ghostly ghosts and ghastly goblins.
They were both frantic to get out of the room so they went out the way they came in. When they met at the other they both asked, “Well, don’t keep me in suspense,” what’s on your side? I don’t know they both said, I ran to fast and didn’t see anything. It was very puzzling going through that tunnel though because I thought I saw another tunnel plus some hands grabbing at me. So they went inside the first tunnel and sure enough there was another tunnel.
But this one was larger than the other one. Just then they heard some spirits howl and then they ran out of there in no time flat. When they got back to where they had been before they noticed the staircase and tunnel they both started to yell but then thought it wouldn’t do any good. They both tried to find either a secret door or a window they could go through but couldn’t find any for a while so they sat down and rested.
Just when they started to get up a lot of lights came on. Then they wondered why all of a sudden lights came on. Then they saw another staircase that led up to the living room and they climbed up it. When they got up no one was in the house so they called the police and told them what had happened. The police said they’d be over in about five minutes and to stay where they were.
So the boys said okay and hung up. When the police got there the owner was there beside the boys.
The man was a wanted criminal and the reward was five-hundred dollars so the police gave them each five-hundred dollars. So they said thank you to the police and took the money and showed their parents.
And their parents said that that was good but after they told their parents what had happened their parents were glad that they had made it but then they said not to do it again and grounded them for a couple of days and said when they were ungrounded they would have to do extra chores around the house and they wouldn’t be able to go outside and play until all the chores were done.

More to come tomorrow…


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