It Will Never Be Enough

You know that voice in your head? The voice that says you are not good enough. The voice that makes you feel guilty for not praying enough. The voice that makes you feel bad for not reading the Bible enough. The voice that tells you that no matter what you do, it will never beContinue reading “It Will Never Be Enough”

Slippery Soapy Slope

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous the names of some products are? I was in the soap aisle the other day and was amazed at the odd names of some of the soaps. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but I’m beginning to think you can call your product anything you wantContinue reading “Slippery Soapy Slope”

Things I Think…I Think

I think Starbucks that are located inside a grocery store should be called “Storebucks.” Get it? Because “Storebucks” sounds like “Starbucks” and it’s located in a grocery store. And “Grocery Bucks” is just confusing and awkward. I think it’s funny that PBS is just “pubes” without the vowels. I’m sure that one day this kindContinue reading “Things I Think…I Think”