Let The Fun Begin!

It’s been quite the exciting past few days for Jadon!

On Wednesday, he got to go to Carousel Park and have a blast with his friends from church. Carterville Christian Church rented the place out and had a great turnout – all for free to those who came! What a fantastic idea and a great time!

Jadon loved the Ferris Wheel – I think Daphne was more scared being stuck at the top than he was. Love this picture – what a great job by Jadon’s mommy/personal photographer.

He also got to play some mini-golf. I may have to try out that grip sometime – maybe it can fix what’s wrong with my game.

Jadon and Daphne also went to Wildcat Glades on Thursday and had a blast playing in the water. I think that boy must be half fish because he loves being in the water!

Friday may be the most exciting day of the week for these two because it means…the last day of school! They are both pumped for summer and Jadon is already getting excited to start kindergarten next year. Hard to believe that this is his last day of preschool and that he’ll be starting “real” school in the fall.

It’s been an exciting week and hopefully this summer will be more of the same!