A Bit Of Nostalgia – Volume 2

Here is the second installment of classic writing from my childhood…

#1: Tim’s English (A Poem)
Under a small, cold winter moon, fields and hills gleam bald and white as eggs.

#2: What School Means To Me
School means a lot to me. It means work but so what. I don’t care if I have to work. I want to have a good education. I like school because the food is good and I also like recess. I don’t know where I want to go to college yet. I also like my principal. I have had every teacher I wanted and they have been very nice to me. I have also learned a lot from them. I cannot wait to see who I get next year. I also hope my friends are in my class next year. I hope my teacher is nice next year. I hope I get good grades next year and this year and every year. I don’t want to flunk so I study hard. I like getting one-hundreds like everyone else. I means a lot to me because one-hundreds are my favorite grade. And that’s why I like school. If you don’t like school I don’t know why! I’m not a mind reader. So go to school, get good grades, like it. Please go to school and like it.

#3: The Evil Looking Monster
Once upon a time there was an old rundown mansion that everybody believed was haunted. In that house lived a scary looking monster that people thought was evil. But people didn’t know the monster personally.
One night on halloween 2 boys were walking by the old mansion when they heard a scream. “Let’s go check it out,” said one of the boys. So they went in and found the monster yelling for help.
They they had tea and crumpets together and he got to know the monster personally. After a few days he told everyone that the monster was not cruel and he had a heart like everyone else. He was just a mutant.

#4: Humorous Essay
One day something funny happened to me. I was at school and had the only house key. Well, I had to get into my house that afternoon so I put the key in my desk where I thought it would be safe.
Later on I was looking in my desk, in the gym, and even in the halls for the key. I thought for sure I had lost it. Boy, I sure would have been in trouble. Then I looked in my desk one more time and whoomp there it was! I found the key.

Stay tuned for more wisdom and classic literature from my elementary school days…


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