Things I Think…I Think

I think Starbucks that are located inside a grocery store should be called “Storebucks.”
Get it? Because “Storebucks” sounds like “Starbucks” and it’s located in a grocery store. And “Grocery Bucks” is just confusing and awkward.

I think it’s funny that PBS is just “pubes” without the vowels.
I’m sure that one day this kind of stuff will stop being funny to me…but that day has yet to arrive. I guess it could also be “pabes” or “pobes” but neither of those make me chuckle.

I think sheep that live in places where it rains a lot should be extra strong.

Being a wet sheep is a workout – all the rain soaks into the wool makes the wool heavier, which forces the sheep to get stronger as they carry the rain soaked wool on their backs all day. Not to mention all the mud that they inevitably have to walk through. I imagine sheep in wet climates probably look like they are on steroids compared to regular wimpy sheep.

I think the term “Certified Pre-Owned Cars” is funny.

Why “certified” instead of just “pre-owned”? Are car dealers constantly having to prove to people that the cars they are selling have previously been owned? Are they being accused of selling people new cars at pre-owned prices? Is it happening often enough that they feel the need to have pre-owned cars certified so people won’t think they are getting too good a deal?

What do you think?

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