It’s An Acquired Taste

“Oh, you don’t like it?  That’s okay – it’s an acquired taste.”

Statements like this one have always made me wonder – if something is an “acquired taste,” why would I want to acquire a taste for something I don’t like?

I’ve never heard anyone say that something is an acquired taste after hearing that someone really liked the taste of something.  It’s always said after someone has tried something that they didn’t care for.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone would keep eating or drinking something that they don’t like in hopes that maybe someday they will start liking it.

It seems like most of the time this is said about things like coffee, beer, and certain foods.  Maybe they just want to be cool and like these things because it’s trendy and what all the cool kids like.  Let’s face it – if you don’t like coffee or beer these days, there’s no way you’re sitting at the cool table.

I don’t mean to pick on coffee and beer drinkers, those were just the first couple things that came to mind.  If you really like that stuff, more power to you.  I just couldn’t think of any other specific examples off the top of my head.  Are there any other foods or drinks that you can think of that a person would have to acquire a taste for?

2 thoughts on “It’s An Acquired Taste

  1. there are quite a few things that i tried the first time, but came back to later on and found that i enjoyed. i’m not sure that “aquired taste” means you have to force yourself into liking it; i usually take that to mean that it may be a food that your taste buds may initally dislike, but in keeping an open mind about it enough to try it years later, end up pleasantly surprised (like a maturation of your tongue!). i used to hate coffee, but one day quite some time later i ordered it black and now enjoy it every morning. same with tomatoes, sweet potatoes (that’s a recent one!), spaghetti squash and cake. wine is still something i don’t enjoy, though every once in awhile i’ll try a sip just to see if there might be a type that i like that i didn’t know about before. it’s all about an open mind when you open your mouth!


    1. I guess the next question is whether or not there is a difference between acquiring a taste for something and tastebuds maturing.

      I think you’re right that sometimes you’ll end up liking something at a later time after despising it the first time. Maybe that would be because your tastebuds have “matured”? If that’s the case, then maybe I just have immature tastebuds.

      I loved the last line that you wrote – “it’s all about an open mind when you open your mouth”. Sounds like a good philosophy to me!



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