Rocky Mountain High

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In case you weren’t aware, Colorado has legalized medicinal marijuana.  Come out here and there’s no way you can miss it.  Here is a collection of a few stores that I have seen.  Keep in mind that this is only a fraction of the stores I have seen…seriously, it’s everywhere.  These places are spreading like weeds. You would think the people out here would be a little more mellow with all this stuff so easily accessible.

Some of the names of the stores are a little difficult to read, so here is a list of the places pictured above (left to right and top to bottom).  Agree with them or not, you definitely have to give them credit for creativity.

1.  Not sure of the exact name, but it’s a bright green store
*Would burn your retinas if your eyes weren’t glazed over*

2.  High Society
*Bringing a touch of class to the medical marijuana game*

3.  Innovative Therapies
*Doesn’t get much more innovative than rolling plants up in paper and lighting them on fire*

4.  Smithstonian Institute
*For the thinking man and those who like to ponder the deeper things of life*

5.  Little Green Pharmacy
*Surrounded by fences and guard dogs because you have to protect the good stuff*

6.  Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs
*No word on whether or not they serve “special” brownies for dessert*

7.  Colorado Cherry Cider Company
*Has nothing to do with marijuana, but these places give the phrase “A Taste Of The High Country” a whole new meaning*

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Cheba Hut has been around since 1998. Waaay before medical marijuana became legal and all of these dispensaries opened . We serve up great toasted subs with real service in a relaxed environment. We do serve a hemp seed brownie and we have a hemp seed cream cheese for our sandwiches but the seeds do not contain any THC and they are 100% legal in every state.

    If you like good food and an old school mom and pop way of doing business, you need to check out the Cheba Hut.


    1. Hey Matt, thanks for reading and commenting! I didn’t mean to imply that Cheba Hut was doing anything illegal – it just went along with the theme of the post. Sorry if it came across that way. To be honest, I didn’t really have a clue what Cheba Hut was all about, so I took a look at the Cheba Hut website and it actually seems like a clever concept. I’ve never smoked the stuff and don’t plan on ever trying it, but it was a good idea to cater to those who do. And if you’re going to target them you might as well do it in a creative way. Best of luck to y’all!



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