Another Quick Update

Well, it’s been just over a week since we arrived in Colorado.  So far it has been fairly relaxing, which is nice, but now it’s time to get in gear and find a job.  There are several good sized towns within about a 25 mile radius, so hopefully that means there are more jobs to go around than in Joplin, but that also means there are more people looking for jobs.  Guess that kind of evens things out.  Best I can do is just do my part and leave the rest up to God.  I’m sure He has something in store, I just wish He’d go ahead and reveal it already.  Suspense is totally overrated.

After a week of being here, getting to know some of the roads and area, and beginning to get a feel for things, it doesn’t seem quite as intimidating as it did at first.  The weather and mountains are nice of course, but it’s still no Missouri.  The people still seem to be in a bit of a hurry and aren’t quite as friendly as Missourians, but maybe it’s just because I have some sort of outsider stench or something.

We are still missing our family, friends, and church like crazy, but that’s just something that I guess we’ll have to deal with.  I doubt it will ever completely stop…I hope it never stops.  Jadon has been missing his friends, but apparently he brought the imaginary O’Connor family along with us, so that has been nice.  Jadon and I have been playing a ton of basketball in his room and his favorite thing is for him, Joshua, Brayton, Brent, Julie, and Scarlet to block my shots.  We could play ball with the imaginary O’Connor family for hours.

I guess that’s about all I have for now – not real exciting, but it may possibly be better than nothing.  If anyone is interested, I’ve posted some pictures on Facebook from when we went up into the mountains the other day.  They were taken with my phone, so they probably aren’t the best quality, but you’ll get the idea.


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