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Flea Market Fun (Part 3)

Once again…proof that you can get almost anything at a flea market.

Haven’t been insulted lately?  Let the fine folks at the the 44 Country Mall in Sarcoxie, MO take care of that – and for prices that anyone can afford!

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Flea Market Fun (Part 2)

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Here is another flea market that I am amazed by every time I drive by.  This one is in Springfield, MO.  I guess you really can buy just about anything at a flea market.

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Flea Market Fun (Part 1)

We checked out a few of the local flea markets yesterday.  One of them was the über classy Itchy’s Flea Market in Fort Collins.  I’m not sure what we expected to find at Itchy’s, but here are a few of the unexpected finds.

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Photo #1
An outside view of Itchy’s Flea Market. (Seriously.  It’s called Itchy’s Flea Market.  Classic.)

Photo #2
If you’re banking on protection from Itchy’s Flea Market, you may want to go ahead and buy that pregnancy test while you’re at it.  It may or may not tell you whether the condoms were a bust.

Photo #3
Outdated medicine for when your kid is sick and you’re kind of hoping to make him feel better, but don’t want to spend too much money.

Photo #4
If the outdated medicine doesn’t work, this creepy panda chair is guaranteed to scare the sickness out of any child.