My Top 3-ish Convenience Stores

1. QT

They have Dad’s Root Beer, which seems to be near impossible to find (not to mention the fact that it is in the fountain – don’t know if I’ve ever seen that)

Their fountain Dr. Pepper is better than just about any other convenience store

They give you the option of crushed or cubed ice

Their lids actually stay on the cups very well

They have a good selection of quality sandwiches (not the same cheap little sandwiches as most places) as well as a nice selection of sauces to put on the sandwiches

They usually have a decent selection of slushies

2. Kum & Go

3. 7-11/Casey’s (Tie)

2 thoughts on “My Top 3-ish Convenience Stores

  1. I very much agree. QT stands out among the gas stations. Are there any in Joplin? Casey’s is in the top 3, for me, because of the consistently low and competitive gas prices, not forgetting the Super Unleaded option normally for the same or lower price than the normal Unleaded.


  2. No QTs in Joplin…yet. I think I may have to petition them to bring a store to Joplin. I totally agree with Casey’s though, you’ve gotta love having the option of Super Unleaded for the same price or 3 cents cheaper. Amazing.



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