Wet Cows

Do you ever just feel bad for cows? I do…not very often, but sometimes I do. We were driving to Springfield the other day and it was raining the entire way. About halfway there I started thinking about how much it would suck to be a cow. Just standing there in a big open field, rain pouring down, with nowhere to go. I guess some of them could go stand under a tree, but that only provides so much protection especially when there are no leaves on the tree. Not to mention the chance of the tree getting hit by lightning.

So what’s a cow to do? Would it be better to walk/run around in the field hoping to miss as many rain drops as possible? (Actually, according to an article I read a while back, running through the rain will cause you to get even wetter than walking through it) So basically, all a cow is able to do is stand there and take it. How humiliating must that be? Just standing there in the pouring rain – watching all the nice, dry people driving by in their cars.

If you ask me, someone needs to take a stand for these cows. How would you feel if you were out standing in a field, the rain pouring down, and there was nothing you could do to keep from getting rained on? Someone needs to build the cows some shelters out in the fields. Or find another way to keep them dry in the rain. Who will help these poor, defenseless cows? Will it be you? It won’t be me.

2 thoughts on “Wet Cows

  1. I have felt the same way about cows. I especially feel sorry for them when there is ice and snow. And I think that someone should build shelters for them. Maybe you should start an organization called “Shelter for Cows”, sort of like “Habitat for Humanity” and see what happens. You never know how many people there are out there that have the same compassion for cows that we do!



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