Ice Cube Trays Are Relaxing

Next time you are stressed out try this. Wait until no one else is around (gone, asleep, etc.) and get all the ice cube trays out of the freezer. If they aren’t empty already, empty them out and stack them beside the sink. Turn the water on, but way down. It should be only the slightest stream of water. Then fill each ice cube tray up one cube at a time. Shut everything else out of your mind and just watch the water flow down from the faucet, into the tray, and fill up each square completely before moving on to the next square.

I discovered this by accident the other night. All eight of our ice cube trays needed filled up and I was trying to be as quiet as possible so I just had the water trickling out of the faucet. By the time I finished filling up all of the trays I was very relaxed. I am thinking of marketing this – I just know it will be the next big thing. I just need to make an infomercial and then get on QVC. Don’t be surprised if you see me the next time you can’t sleep and decide to flip on the TV. Call within the next 5 minutes and mention this post and I will knock off the first payment…what a deal!


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