Peter Potty

I know we are probably being a tad wishful, but we went out and got Jadon his very first toilet yesterday. But it’s not just any toilet, oh no…it’s a Peter Potty! Yes, that is the actual name of the brand. What’s even better is that it’s not just any plain old toilet. The Peter Potty is his very own, Jadon sized urinal! We have given it a couple of tries already, but no luck on actually peeing in the Peter Potty. Although he did pee a couple of minutes after he walked away from the potty the first time…just too bad it happened to be on the carpet. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Maybe he’ll just keep peeing closer and closer to the potty until he eventually makes it in the Peter Potty. I think I’d be okay with that. Unless of course, it takes him a year or two to find the potty. That would just be gross.

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