World’s Largest or World’s Only?

If you ever want to spend some time looking at small electric appliances, this is probably the place you want to go.  It’s just off I-44, on the way to Diamond, MO and conveniently connected to a boot store.  What better way to spend your day than buying a pair of cowboy boots and thenContinue reading “World’s Largest or World’s Only?”

I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work

This is in our bathroom at work, right in front of the toilet.  Nothing like trying to do your business with Jesus staring at you from next to the cross.  While I can see how it could cause some “stage fright,” I like to look at it as a reminder that no matter how crappyContinue reading “I Found Jesus In The Bathroom At Work”

Have I Really Reached You?

Why do people say on their voicemail/answering machine message “You have reached ______”?  That doesn’t seem like an accurate statement.  If I had reached you I wouldn’t have to leave a message.  In fact, I am leaving you a message because I couldn’t reach you.  You know what?  Forget it.  I’m not leaving a message.Continue reading “Have I Really Reached You?”