Does Water Float?

When you pour a small amount of water into a larger amount of water, what happens to the smaller amount of water? Does it float on top, sink to the bottom, or mix in somewhere in the middle? Does it depend on whether the water came from the same source or is the same temperature?Continue reading “Does Water Float?”

You Have A Nice Day

When did telling someone to have a nice day become so complicated? Whenever someone says to me “You have a nice day” I always think they are giving me a compliment. I instinctively want to respond by saying “Thanks, your day is pretty nice too” or some such nonsense. Then, to make matters worse, someContinue reading “You Have A Nice Day”

A Few Random Thoughts

Is there anything harder to sauce at Taco Bell than a Crunchwrap Supreme?  It’s nearly impossible to peel a well-made Crunchwrap Supreme apart, spread the sauce evenly inside, and then wrap it back up in a way that will keep it from falling apart as you eat it. I think I might start carrying everythingContinue reading “A Few Random Thoughts”