Weird Things I Do

Everyone has their share of weird habits, right? At least that’s what I choose to believe to make myself feel better about all the weird stuff I do. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  1. When I drive over a cigarette that someone just flicked out their car window, I always pretend that it blows up my car (complete with sound effects).

  2. When I hear one of those air fresheners in a public restroom that sounds like someone opening a bottle of pop, I always think (and often say) “Can I have a drink?”

  3. I like to pretend that the interference/break-ins that come through my iPod’s FM Transmitter are part of the song I’m listening to.

  4. When I see someone buying a fountain drink, I often try to guess which kind of pop they are going to choose (I get it right approximately 31.8% of the time).

  5. Whenever I am making a sharp turn into a parking space I always lean in the direction I am turning, as if it’s going to help me turn sharper or keep from scraping the car next to me.

Every time I catch myself doing weird things, I reassure myself that it’s okay because everyone has their own quirky habits.

Do you have any weird/quirky things that you do…or am I alone in the weirdness?


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