Party’s Over

Is it just me or does it seem a bit anticlimactic to clean up party decorations while the person being celebrated is still there?  I realize that things have to be cleaned up at some point, but can’t it at least wait until the person whose party it is has left the building…or at least the room?

Cleaning up while the person is kind of like saying “Okay, we’re done celebrating you now, so lets just get rid of all this stuff – you had your time.”  I’m sure it makes the person who the party was thrown for feel real special.  We might as well be saying “We only care about you enough to celebrate you from this time to that time, then it’s over.”

What is the proper amount of time for a party anyway?  What if the party goes longer than expected – how long over the planned time should you wait before starting the cleanup?  Personally, I would say just leave all balloons out until they shrivel up and leave all food out until it eventually gets eaten.  Maybe that’s why I’m not usually in charge of parties…


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