A Few Random Thoughts

Is there anything harder to sauce at Taco Bell than a Crunchwrap Supreme?  It’s nearly impossible to peel a well-made Crunchwrap Supreme apart, spread the sauce evenly inside, and then wrap it back up in a way that will keep it from falling apart as you eat it.

I think I might start carrying everything around on my shoulder.  Big or small…light or heavy…it just looks more impressive when you see someone carrying something on their shoulder.  Or it looks like they are carrying a boom box.  Either way…impressive.

Who determines what is an acceptable way to shorten a name (Timothy = Tim, Matthew = Matt, etc.)?  How in the world did Peggy ever become the shortened form of Margaret?  I’ve know several people named Peggy (mostly women) and have always wondered, but never asked.  I can see Marge or even Maggie, but Peggy?  Really?

I wish AT&T would spend more money on improving their network, customer service, or basically any other part of their company rather than waste money by sending me offers for a free crappy phone if I activate a new account.  I’ve been with them for close to ten years.  Maybe they should try sending me special offers out of appreciation for all the money I’ve already paid them and for sticking with them even though the network and service are significantly less than fantastic.

Juicy Fruit gum is now yellow.  I had no idea.  I just opened a piece of Juicy Fruit the other day for the first time in several years and it blew me away!  When did this happen?  I don’t know that it made it taste any better or last any longer, but it sure made for a much more attractive chewing stick.  Definitely an improvement over the bland, tan, cardboard looking stick of yore.

2 thoughts on “A Few Random Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the laughs to start my day!! I love Crunchwrap Supremes! But I don’t sauce any of that kind of stuff, so I can’t help you with how to it. And I love Juicy Fruit gum, but haven’t bought any in a long time. So glad it will be a new experience when I do:) It’s good to have color in the world. As for carrying things on your sholders, you’d better start working out, if you’re talking about carrying hospital equipment on them.


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