Can You Change Your Own Diaper?

Well, that little boy of ours just continues to amaze me. The latest thing happened last Saturday (the day he turned 18 months old) when we were all just chillin’ at home. Daphne had been sick that day so she had some kleenexes sitting on the arm of the loveseat. Jadon had been playing in the living room and was walking around tugging at his diaper. He got it about halfway off, so Daphne went ahead and helped him take it the rest of the way off.

So our naked little boy walks over to the loveseat, climbs up and grabs a kleenex and starts wiping himself off. I’m pretty impressed that he knows he is supposed to wipe himself off when he gets a dirty diaper off. Then Daphne brings a new diaper and the powder over so we can finish the job. Well, I guess Jadon has either seen us do it enough or is just feeling pretty independent or something because he grabs the diaper, opens it up and sits down in it. At this point Daphne and I are looking at each other pretty impressed, but at the same time we are trying not to crack up.

So then, I whispered to Daphne to open up the powder, thinking that it would be hilarious if Jadon would powder himself too, but not really expecting him to. Next thing we know, he grabs the powder and dumps some right where it was supposed to go! At that point, we had both lost it, we were busting up laughing, and clapping for him at the same time.

We were both pretty impressed, but I guess it is about that time – I mean, if you were to watch someone do something several times a day for 18 months, don’t you think you should catch on pretty soon? If you ask me, I think he should have started doing this several months ago.

4 thoughts on “Can You Change Your Own Diaper?

  1. Does this mean it’s time for potty training? I love me some Jadon! I have an incredible urge to come over and play….too bad you live so far away. 😦


  2. Jadon said you need to come and visit him…He said “I miss aunt Keri” Or at least that’s what his babbling sounded like to me…



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