The Next Bubba Watson?

A few photos from Jadon’s first week as a golfer…

Jadon and I went and picked out his first real golf clubs and glove. We also picked up some plastic golf balls and a fake hole for him to practice inside with.

Jadon lining up his shot…maybe standing directly in front of a five year old with a golf club isn’t the wisest move.

Jadon’s first time on the driving range…he had to make sure all the balls were lined up perfectly in the holes on the mat. Apparently he was so good that the president decided to fly over and check it out.

We went and played mini-golf as a family. Jadon came in second out of three people…I’ll let you guess who came in first and who came in third.

Jadon helped me out by being the flag. Unfortunately, no flag could have helped me much on this hole.

Not a bad first week as a golfer for Jadon – he beat one of his parents at mini-golf and had the president of the United States fly over to watch him on the driving range. If he keeps up the amount of practice he’s been putting in, he may beat me by the end of the summer.

One thought on “The Next Bubba Watson?

  1. Loved seeing the pictures and reading this. Jadon’s going to be a great golfer, just like his Dad!



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