Soul Spelunking

Soul Spelunking

Introspection is like exploring a cave…the deeper you go, the darker it gets.

When we notice things in and about ourselves that we don’t like, we begin to examine ourselves and try to figure out what is causing us to be that way, as if it would give us an excuse or an acceptable reason for why we are the way we are. When we focus on ourselves, what is inside, and why we are the way we are, it rarely ends well. More often than not, it leads us to the realization that we are the way we are because that is who we are.

Light shines in from the outside, so the deeper you go by yourself, the more the light fades, the darkness overwhelms, and disorientation sets in. Instead of continuing the descent into darkness, turn around and walk toward the light. It will give you a flicker of hope at first, then guide your way, and will eventually consume you.

You can’t focus on both the darkness inside and the light outside. Whichever one you decide to focus on will continually increase and if you turn sideways and try to focus on both, you will just keep running into walls.

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