How To Open (Or Not Open) A Door

I think sometimes I think too much.  Or maybe I just over-analyze stuff.

I think the best example of this is when I am walking toward a door that I am going to have to open.  Most of the time it goes fairly smoothly, but I sometimes get the feeling that I’ve started reaching for the door handle way too soon.

On a smooth door-opening, I tend to reach for the handle when I am a step to a step-and-a-half away from the door.  Sometimes though, for some reason, I will start reaching for the door when I am several steps away.  Sometimes I realize when I am in mid-reach that I am still too far from the door, which is where the real conundrum is.

Do I put my arm back down, take the steps necessary to get close enough for a standard door reach, and then reach again?  Or do I just fully commit to the false start and keep that arm out in all its early reaching glory?  Seems like it would save some energy and keep from looking quite so silly if I just leave it out and maybe pick up the pace a little.  Is it better to look like you are trying to fly or to look like you are pumping a handle while walking?  One of the great questions of our time…

I sometimes wonder if people are staring and thinking, “Why in the world is he reaching for that door so soon?  Can’t he see that it’s still a good eight feet away?  A little overzealous there aren’t we?”  Then I realize that nobody in the world probably even gives it a second thought.  I’m sure no one else has ever reached for a door handle too soon.  Really, I’m sure you always reach for it at the optimal door reach moment.  Don’t be self-conscious about it, it’s not like everyone is watching you.  No one will ever notice if you look like you are flying or pumping water.  It’s completely normal.

2 thoughts on “How To Open (Or Not Open) A Door

  1. I started laughing when I started reading this, and I’m still laughing. Good one, Tim! I tell ya, I think you need to submit these to the Joplin Globe or somewhere. You could make some extra money.



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