18 Things I Would Like To Try

1.  Drive A Vehicle Through A Closed Gate
Could be either a chain link fence or one of those mechanical arms that goes up and down

2.  Ramp A Golf Cart Off A Big Tee Box
The landing may be a little rough, and the cart probably wouldn’t fly that far, but still something I’ve always wanted to do

3.  Kick Down A Door
It would probably have to be a pretty flimsy door, but no doubt it would make me feel studly

4.  Drive A Go-Cart Around Inside A Building
Preferably a building with ramps like at the mall, hospital, or schools

5.  See How Long I Can Stay On An Escalator
Either walking up the down escalator or down the up escalator

6.  Ramp A Car Off A Dock Onto A Boat
The hardest part would probably be not landing in the pool on the boat

7.  Drive Cars On A Test Track/Obstacle Course
One of the real icy ones would probably be the most fun

8.  Pull The E-Brake At 70 MPH
Always wanted to see what would happen

9.  Jump A Bike Off A Ramp Into A Foam Pit
Even landing on foam, I would probably manage to hurt myself

10.  Jump Off A Building Into A Stunt Bag
Preferably on a non-windy day

11.  Slide Down A Bowling Lane And Knock Down The Pins With My Body
Have considered doing this, but was afraid I’d get sucked into the ball return sent all the way back up

12.  Have A Low-Jump Contest On The Moon
Anyone can jump high on the moon, but a low jump contest would be a challenge

13.  Have A Long-Jump Contest On The Moon
May be a tad unrealistic, but would definitely be a blast

14.  Hop A Train And Go Wherever It Goes
Not sure how I would get back, but I’ll figure that out when I get there

15.  Go To The Airport And Take The First Standby Flight
As long as I remember to buy a round-trip ticket

16.  Try To Live Blind Or Deaf For One Week
I have a feeling I wouldn’t make it through the first day

17.  Climb Up A Rope Ladder Suspended From A Helicopter
Probably tougher than you would think, but looks like fun in the movies

18.  Swap All The Products On One Aisle At The Store With All The Products On A Different Aisle
High difficulty level, would take planning and stealthy quickness

Is there anything that you have always wanted to try or thought would be fun to do?

3 thoughts on “18 Things I Would Like To Try

    1. That would be pretty sweet. I sometimes like to pretend like I am driving a police car and pretend to pull people over. They don’t really play along though.


  1. Hmmm. I see that alot of these pertain to jumping or ramping. Did you not get enough action in your childhood, Tim? Swapping products on one aisle with another aisle sounds like the safest to me. But taking the first standby flight sounds like more fun.



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