A Couple Of Poems

Here are a couple of poems that I found the other day while going through some stuff. The first one was one that I wrote a few years ago during a week of CIY. The second is one that my sister and I wrote together several years ago about a card game that we made up. I don’t even remember exactly how the game was played now, but I think we just kind of made the rules up on the fly. It was mucho fun.

Random Poem #1

There is no word in any language
That does justice to Your name
And you know that we cannot fathom
The beauty of Your face
Oh just to be in Your awesome presence
Is something that we can’t comprehend
God there is no one like You
There will never be, nor has there been
All that I really want from this life
Is to look into Your face
And for You to look back at me and say
“Well done, you may enter this place.”


There is a game unknown, we invented it on our own.
It’s fun as can be and smells like pee.
It’s a little like Go-Fish, but not really at all.
If you actually want to learn it, that will be your downfall.
With two piles in the middle and five cards in each player’s hand,
Once you get sucked in, there is no escaping like quick sand.
With turtles flying, there can’t be no lying.
Try to match up pairs, we’ll know if you don’t play fair!
“Snag the line” or “Catch the turtle,”
It’s up to your opponents to choose.
You had better hope that you have the most pairs,
Or else you will surely lose!

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