You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (And Blew Them All Away)

Have you ever noticed that when it’s really windy out (I’m talking huge gusts of wind that make you want to jump up in the air and see how far the wind will blow you) it can sometimes be hard to hear someone when they are talking to you? We were having one of those days about a week or so ago and it got me to thinking. Up until then I had just assumed that the reason you have trouble hearing people on those days is because the wind is louder than the person talking.

What if that is not the case at all though? What if the real reason that you can’t hear what the other person is saying is because the wind is blowing so hard that it actually blows the words away before they have a chance to reach your ears? Could it be that the harder the wind blows, the faster the words get blown away?

Maybe when it’s just slight breeze it is easy for the words to cut through, but the harder the wind blows, the more the words struggle. So as you get a somewhat strong gust of wind, maybe the words just barely make it to their destination and the person hearing them just gets the remains of the original words. Then when you get one of those overpowering gusts where you can barely stand and can’t hear anything that is being said, the reason for the inability to hear is actually because the words got blown away as soon as they left the speaker’s mouth.

This would obviously be easier to prove if words were visible, but alas, it is not so. Which brings me to another problem…how can we make words visible? I think that might be a different topic for a different time. Or never. We shall see.

What Is “Real”?

What if our “dreams” are reality, and our “reality” is just a dream? Would that mean that we can choose when to take a break from our dreams and enter into reality? I suppose that would also mean that we have no control over when we dream and take a break from reality. What if none of this is real? Maybe it is all a dream and sometimes we dream during our dream. Does anyone else actually exist or am I imagining everyone else? Maybe you don’t really exist. I know that I exist or else I wouldn’t be able to type this. But how do I know that you are real and not just a figment of my imagination. Even if you type a response to this or come up and talk to me, how do I know that it happened outside of my control? Maybe everyone and everything outside of me is something that I created in my head to keep me company. Anything you say or do could just be something that I decided to have happen. Maybe the only things that are real are the things that I say and do myself, by my choice, under my own power. Or maybe I just need to go to sleep. Hmm…will I be entering into a dream or into reality if I go to sleep right now? I think I will go find out. I will try to update you on my findings later.

My Top 3-ish Convenience Stores

1. QT

They have Dad’s Root Beer, which seems to be near impossible to find (not to mention the fact that it is in the fountain – don’t know if I’ve ever seen that)

Their fountain Dr. Pepper is better than just about any other convenience store

They give you the option of crushed or cubed ice

Their lids actually stay on the cups very well

They have a good selection of quality sandwiches (not the same cheap little sandwiches as most places) as well as a nice selection of sauces to put on the sandwiches

They usually have a decent selection of slushies

2. Kum & Go

3. 7-11/Casey’s (Tie)

Wet Cows

Do you ever just feel bad for cows? I do…not very often, but sometimes I do. We were driving to Springfield the other day and it was raining the entire way. About halfway there I started thinking about how much it would suck to be a cow. Just standing there in a big open field, rain pouring down, with nowhere to go. I guess some of them could go stand under a tree, but that only provides so much protection especially when there are no leaves on the tree. Not to mention the chance of the tree getting hit by lightning.

So what’s a cow to do? Would it be better to walk/run around in the field hoping to miss as many rain drops as possible? (Actually, according to an article I read a while back, running through the rain will cause you to get even wetter than walking through it) So basically, all a cow is able to do is stand there and take it. How humiliating must that be? Just standing there in the pouring rain – watching all the nice, dry people driving by in their cars.

If you ask me, someone needs to take a stand for these cows. How would you feel if you were out standing in a field, the rain pouring down, and there was nothing you could do to keep from getting rained on? Someone needs to build the cows some shelters out in the fields. Or find another way to keep them dry in the rain. Who will help these poor, defenseless cows? Will it be you? It won’t be me.

Peter Potty

I know we are probably being a tad wishful, but we went out and got Jadon his very first toilet yesterday. But it’s not just any toilet, oh no…it’s a Peter Potty! Yes, that is the actual name of the brand. What’s even better is that it’s not just any plain old toilet. The Peter Potty is his very own, Jadon sized urinal! We have given it a couple of tries already, but no luck on actually peeing in the Peter Potty. Although he did pee a couple of minutes after he walked away from the potty the first time…just too bad it happened to be on the carpet. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Maybe he’ll just keep peeing closer and closer to the potty until he eventually makes it in the Peter Potty. I think I’d be okay with that. Unless of course, it takes him a year or two to find the potty. That would just be gross.

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